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I am writing to you out of total desperation.I have purchased tickets to the Justin Beiber concert in Miami this upcoming January.

My home was burglarized and the tickets were stolen. I have contacted stubhub to have them reprint the tickets and they told me that they are unable to do so because the owner of the tickets said the vendor (ticketmaster) does not want to reprint the tickets. I have contacted both ticketmaster and American airlines arena and they have informed me that they have plenty of time to reprint the tickets before the concert. I bought these tickets for my granddaughter has her sole and only Christmas gift with a lot of sacrifice and I am heartbroken for her that she will not be able to attend.

Please if there is anything you can do to help a 7 y.o. dreams come true. I would appreciate it endlessly. She is his self-proclaimed #1 fan and it would make all her dreams come true to see Justin Beiber.

I paid over $1700.00 for these tickets ( I can provide receipts from stubhub and credit card company) and not only does stubhub say that they cant be reprinted (which is not true) but they only want to refund me 50% of what I paid.

I think it is unfair and I don’t care for my money back I care to put a smile on my granddaughters face and make her dream come true.Please help me!!

Monetary Loss: $1700.


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San Luis Obispo, California, United States #633876

What a bummer for you. Not sure if they were hard tickets but they can be reprinted for a measly charge around $2.00 each. What stubhub did, and if they did contact the seller, the seller declined to call ticketmaster or if he did, he got replacement tickets, resold the tickets and made off 2x!

Dallas, Texas, United States #624223

It is entirely possible that the stubhub seller is UNABLE to get reprints.If the tickets were part of a larger set, say, of 4 or 6 tickets, and you bought two of them, there is nothing the seller can do.

Ticketmaster will only take action on the entire order, not on two tickets that are part of a larger order. In any event, Ticketmaster does not reprint hard tickets.

They can have reprints held at will-call, but may require that they be picked up by the original purchaser.So, bottom line, if you lose hard tickets, it's just as if you lost cash.

Syracuse, New York, United States #622591

Its not that the venue can't reprint the tickets, it's that the sellers choose not to bother with getting reprints, once the ticket is delivered it is not their problem anymore.What you need to do is ask for a supervisor and argue for a full refund until they give you one, Don't accept the Coupon its just a ploy to get you off the phone.

Never back down to them, they will fold, most of their reps don't have a college degree and many are outsourced.

I'm sorry they screwed you over, you are not the first.Of course there's also a very good chance the tickets would be fakes and not valid for entry, it happens almost all the time.

to Past Employee Naples, Florida, United States #622658

She can argue for a refund all she wants but she will not get one.SHE got what she paid for.

Now her issue is with the police and her insurance.

No one deserves a refund for something they bought that got stolen from their house.THAT is why you have homeowners or renters insurance.

to Past Employee Omaha, Nebraska, United States #629267

Their CS is not outsourced...their call center is in Connecticut.

Hartford, Connecticut, United States #592537

stubhub can inquire of the original owner/buyer to request reprints. But if you read the fine print of most tickets most say no refunds/exchanges and even all sales final unless the even was cancelled. Even that doesn't guarantee refunds. For example, Guns and Roses used to cancel many many shows or refuse to go onstage. The ticket holders never got a refund.

Stubhub is purely a middle man and they performed their service. Anything they do to help you at this point should be welcomed and not complained about.

if i were you i would have stubhub offer the original owner $425 ( a mere 25% of your purchase) to go through the hassle of requesting reprints. Sometimes original owners cannot be easily contacted, i know i am not. Not everyone has all the time in their day to drop everything either. I truly believe stubhub is trying to help you. The original owner has no obligation to help you so try to sway them. Also, in the future never buy hard copies, if you purchased e-tickets you could have downloaded the files a million times and printed them.

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #582610

Hello LadyScot,

We're reaching out to you from StubHub's Executive Customer Care team, we apologize that you've experienced theft.You've been very patient as we've worked closely with you in resolving this matter.

We look forward to speaking with you soon and doing what we can to help make this right.Thank you.


You got ripped off for spending $1700.00 on tickets. You home was burglarized and the tickets stolen - sounds kinda fishy to me.


Its irrelavant of how my tickets where lost/stolen....what the issue is that they LIED they said the venue can not re print and that is NOT TRUE the venue says they can re print put becuase I bought thru them STUB HUB or the owner of the tickets needs to request them....If my tv was stolen it was used and I am not ignorant the concert is a month away...samething what if I would have not received them? they are going to tell me they can not re print them....we live in the US they can cancel the barcode and issue new ones...they want to re sell my tickets. We are talking about face value ticket of 90.00 and I bought them for 1700.00 for my grand daughter....they are a RIP OFF!

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