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I got tickets to a baseball game on friday February 9th. Shortly after getting said tickets the company took my tickets away and said they will have a team reach out as to why.

MIND YOU! When they take your tickets away from you they still charge your account. You then have to wait for them to refund you first and foremost. THEN they not only shaft you that way but they put your seats back on sale to secure there greedy little paws still do business while you wait 70 hours to hear back from there team.

In my instance they did not call me back to make sure it was not fraudulent. Instead I had to call them two times after the weekend. Even though the lady I spoke to on Friday lied and told me they have staff on call on weekends. This is not true, their hours opporate only on week days.

But we digress. So, I call them up on Monday and explain to them that I have not heard from the “Trust and Saftey” team. The man on the phone was very helpful and got in contact with them right away. He comes back on the phone to tell me that they will lock my account and I will not be able to purchase or do business from them.

Like as if I’m some fu*king CRIMINAL. I asked him to put me through to someone from that team to give me an explanation as to why they are banning me from buying tickets with them? He tells me they are not allowed to speak to anyone. EXCUSE ME?

What do you mean, how are they not allowed to speak to anyone when I was told 70 hours ago that very team is going to call me? So after asking him why I was being treated this way I asked to speak to a supervisor to provide me with information on why a busniness has just banned me as a customer who is trying to GIVE them business? ENTER SUPERVISOR (WAYNE. P)!

This gentleman and that is an exaggerated title because he was not at ALL. Proceeded to basically treat me like I was a criminal. Talking over me on the phone and basically telling me that the trust and safety team figured my purchase did not look right.....”purchase did not look right.” He said because “that’s what they said to that is that.” So once again I asked to speak to a member of this so called “trust and safety” team and WAYNE P told me this is not possible. Once again how is it not ok to talk to a team who is sapposed to call you and talk to you about issues within 72 hours or so.

WAYNE P basically proceeded to tell me tough luck and started talking about how my billing adress does not match my zip code provided on my stub hub account! So I told him YES this is the case because I have moved but my bank statement or any letters are still sent to my mothers home. He continued to treat me like I’m a criminal and became very cocky about how it was tough luck for me. That he does not need to provide any further information about why they banned me on FIRST PURCHASE!

Then to top it all off WAYNE P. Proceeded to hang up on me after a sharp “ok bye!” I don’t know what that *** this company or the superiors at this company are smoking. They seem to care less about getting business from clients. And care even less about the customer experience.

All the reviews on this company are *** poor. 1 to 3 star reviews on all sites. So after he hung up I proceeded to call SeatGeek. The experience was quick and easy after explaining the nightmare with stub hub.

I got the tickets and they are similar to what I would of purchased with stub hub. WANYE AND STUB HUB. Are terrible and I will be only doing business with seat geek for now on.

The thing that gets me most is if we assumed all customers were fraudulent at first pace no one in the world would be doing good business. So why on earth does stub hub get a kick at shafting people acting as if other alternatives to purchase tickets don’t exist!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Stubhub Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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