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Let me start by saying that I am usually a buyer and not a seller. I have used stubhub numerous times in the past to buy tickets and have never had an issue. This is my first time selling tickets and I have been completely scammed!

I bought pit tickets to see my favorite band at the Amway center in Orlando. I bought my tickets through Ticketmaster as part of the Fan Club presell. I even purchased insurance on these tickets since I was buying the tickets a year out from the actual concert date. Several months later, I found out I had to be out of state during the concert date. Instead of just returning my tickets, which I now regret not doing, I decided to sell my tickets on Stubhub. Let me also state, that I was the only person authorized to pick up my tickets from the Amway box office, with proof of ID and credit card the tickets were purchased with. These tickets were HARD TICKETS, they were not PDFs or E-Tickets. Everything appeared to work out with my sale through Stubhub, no problems. Tickets were mailed on time to the buyer.

The night of the concert, I get an email stating that my sale was cancelled due to my tickets being "invalid". I was extremely confused by this email since I know that my tickets were 100% valid tickets. I call Stubhub immediately (same night as concert), get an extremely rude customer service representative who tells me that I sold fake tickets. I told her that that was impossible, my tickets were valid, where are you getting this information from. Again she says the buyer claims my tickets were fake and that Stubhub will be charging me the cost that I sold my tickets for and an additional $400 in fines. I tried to argue and ask for them provide me with evidence that my tickets were fake and she would not talk to me. I was simply shut down and told that they WILL be charging my account.

I hang up and call back a few minutes later. This time getting an extremely understanding helpful customer service representative, but unfortunately she is in the customer service department not claims, so there is nothing she could do for me other then leave notes on the claim.

I get a call and a follow up email the next day telling me that if I can provide Stubhub with documentation and a Scan report from the venue, that they will investigate the claims the buyer was making. However I was told I had 48 hours to do so, which it was now a weekend and the Amway center box office is closed. Monday morning I call the venue and ask them to supply me with the scan report along with other details on my tickets (ie. when they were printed, if any reprints were made could someone else have picked up a copy of my tickets). Scan reports show first two scans admitted into the venue and then several other scans attempted and denied there after. Venue also shows tickets were only printed one time.

So basically I sold my tickets to someone who either A.) somehow made copies of my hard tickets and passed them out or sold them to multiple people, or B.) gained entry and passed his tickets off to friends who then tried to also gain entry and was denied. Who knows, maybe this person just wasn't thinking, exited the venue for a smoke or forgot something in his car, then tried to reenter and was denied. Then as the buyer, you call stubhub and make a false claim that my tickets were invalid. Apparently you do not have to provide StubHub with any evidence on whether or not you used or attempted to use the tickets. StubHub will automatically take your word for it, refund you your money and provide you with new tickets at the expense of the seller! No questions asked, no proof required. Sounds a little strange to me...

Here I am thinking that the scan report from Amway is enough evidence to prove that the tickets I provided were valid tickets... WRONG. I get a real *** of an agent from the Executive Claims department who reviews my scan report and documents from Amway and tells me that, since the report shows multiple scans, that means I provided invalid tickets. I argued for proof that the buyer did not use my tickets the first time and pass them off.. no proof. I asked if they even asked the buyer for the tickets once he made the false claim, no tickets. I ask for what the procedure is for dealing with buyers' claims, he could not tell me the procedure. I ask what evidence they have the buyer did not use my tickets, no evidence. I asked how they know this guy isn't scamming them and the reply I get is, "the buyer purchased tickets before and has never made a claim". I have also made numerous purchases with StubHub before, and I never made a claim and am also in good standing with Stubhub. Why is his word better than mine? The only reply I got from this sad excuse of a representative was that "the scan reports show multiple scans, therefore your tickets were not valid." I continued to argue and out of frustration ask for a manger, to which this agent said that my case will not be escalated to anyone else above him. (He is not a manager or supervisor) I assume this guy got tired of listening to me because he cut me off mid-sentence and said he "could not hear me anymore but have a good night" and hung up. Not even 10 seconds later I got three emails from the same guy saying stubhub has charged my account $1200!!

I call back immediately and speak to customer service, who again was extremely nice, but can not handle anything with claims. This representative did tell me that there is in fact a manager and supervisor in the Executive Claims Department, and the agent I spoke to was not one of them. I asked to be transferred back and the Executive Claims Department just so happens to be closed now. Funny how that worked. The nice gentleman I was now speaking to insured me that he will put notes for a manager to contact me the next day, and I have yet to receive a phone call or email from anyone.

Stubhub is so quick to protect the buyer but not the seller. There is absolutely no support or protection if you are the seller. From the moment my tickets were mailed out and left my possession, I have NO CONTROL over what happens to my tickets or what the buyer chooses to do with them.

SO IF YOU WANT FREE TICKETS from stubhub, just buy tickets and claim that they did not work at the venue and you will not only get your money back, but free tickets into the venue. No questions asked! I'm sure all the scammers already figured that out, just like the guy who bought my tickets did.

I WILL be fighting this with my lawyer and stubhub will NOT be getting a dime from me. I will never use Stubhub again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Stubhub Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Do not charge me.

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This same issue occurred with my tickets to a sporting event. As you indicated, only the buyer has protection on the sale of the tickets and no fraudulent activity on behalf of buyers is fully investigated before assuming all responsibility on the seller.

It is a very common trend that buyers are making copies of electronic tickets and either attempting two entries to an event or reselling a copy and contacting stub hub to indicate they cannot enter the venue.

Stub hub is making no efforts to combat this type of fraud. I would not sell any tickets on stub hub as you have absolutely no protection and automatic charges may appear on your account.

to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1253099

I feel sorry for those re-sellers because they did everything right and they somehow get screwed over hugely. Those buyers are no better, if not, worse than those scalpers who did everything right.

I did sell tickets on Stubhub in the past and luckily never had an issue. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and re-selling tickets for more than face value is legal here since July 1, 2015.

For Toronto Raptors tickets, I always re-sell on NBA Ticketexchange as the seller actually does get equal protection to the buyer: when someone buys re-sale tickets there, the original tickets are voided and the buyer gets tickets with a re-issued barcode.

There are also more concerts that have a re-sale option so when I buy tickets there, I re-sell them there because I know I won't get screwed unless the event is postponed and/or cancelled. And same scenario here: when someone buys my re-sale tickets, my original tickets are voided and the buyer gets tickets with a new barcode.

to Anonymous #1253675

More concerts on Ticketmaster that have a re-sale option.

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