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I sold tickets on stub hub. A customer went to the show, then had the box office scan the tickets twice to show someone was unable to enter. The customer then called up and said that the tickets were invalid. Stub hub only sees that the tickets were scanned twice, so it confirms the customers complaint. The customer was then reimbursed the money, and given premium seats, all at my expense of $510.

I knew the tickets were good, and only sold through stub hub. The customer was able to go to the show for free, and get paid for it as well.

If you want free tickets for any show, just call stub hub, scan the tickets twice, and make a complaint. YOU WILL GET FREE TICKETS!

Monetary Loss: $510.

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Wow you're a piece of *** OP

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1317673

I believe you. I sold tickets on stubhub in the past and I know that someone could try to scam me.

Luckily, it never happened to me yet. I now re-sell more tickets using Ticketmaster re-sale, in which once my tickets are purchased, my original tickets are voided and the buyer receives re-issued tickets with a brand new barcode.


I made the mistake not knowing what StubHub was until it was too late. I paid $65 for $35 tickets while the tickets were still on sale.

I tried to get a refund but "all sales are final." So now I'm trying to resell these to get my money back.

What a total rip-off. These scalpers are what is killing the whole scene. 1/3 of tickets go to them, 1/3 go to "bots," and 1/3 goes to actual fans.

I would be ok shelling out twice as much if the show was sold out but this is just some douche who bought 15 tickets (literally) and wants to make some extra money.

I definitely learned my lesson and if the tickets don't sell, I'll chalk it down as a $65 mistake.

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #1220896

I will never buy from this freaking place again!!! I paid 68.00 for a ticket the original price is 35.00!!!


The person you sold your tickets to did not get to go for free. StubHub had to find them new tix because yours did not work.

And to get your money back all you had to do was show proof that you only sold your tickets once. Don't blame them for your mistake

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1270053

Not true

to Anonymous #1490412

not true stubhub gives them like a small $100 apology while sellerr is charged like 500 on top of the money he loses for tickets not working. Stubhub doesnt give the full money or even 1/3 to the buyer its bs. Theyve told me that oh sorry but replacement tickets are too much heres a voucher for next purchase smh


I know this is an old post I am replying to be the opposite happened to me. I had purchased tickets to see a baseball game.

When I went to enter the stadium I was not allowed in as my tickets had all ready been used. I went to the customer service window where after 15 minutes they told me I could not enter as the tickets had been used. they then ripped them in half and gave them back to me. I ended up buying new tickets at the window for *** seats.

When I went in finally I went to my original seats and saw two girls there after talking to them about what had happened they showed me there tickets. They had the tickets for the seats and so did I. They had the original tickets while I had an email copy.

What had happened was the ticket seller sold the physical copy of the tickets to one party and the email copy of the tickets to me.

I contacted Stubhub and they told be there was nothing they could do as the tickets had been used at the game. I complained about what happened and they still said sorry and that they would flag the sellers account.

No refund, nothing.

I eventually called my credit card company and had them dispute the charges and got my money back but the whole ordeal ruined my day at the ball park.

This is why I do not trust 3rd party resellers. I now show up at least 1 hour early to each show/game I go to so this does not happen again.


I'm sure you dd not pay $500 for the tickets...


Then stop ripping people off by scalping tickets

to Wandau #1317674

If it's legal to do that, it's legal. Buyers who lie about being denied entry even though they actually got in are worse than scalpers since they committed fraud.

At least, more events have a re-sale option on Ticketmaster. Therefore, the seller is protected as the seller's original tickets are voided and the buyer receives the tickets with a brand new barcode.

Pasadena, California, United States #869354

Same thing happened to me today. I think it was a case of buyer remorse because the tickets originally sold for $300 each, and the day of the show those same similar tickets were selling for $34 each.

So the buyer probably sold those tickets, then followed up with another pair of print outs so that they could get their money back and a free show. Ironically, despite the fact that the market tanked in price, Stubhub still managed to charge me an additional $286 in addition to not paying me for the order. Stubhub said I could dispute it if I could provide a scan report, but Ticketmaster doesn't provide scan reports.. so its a lose lose situation even though the tickets were owned by me and had my name on the tickets.

The last time I bought on Stubhub and had an issue, the order sat for 9 days until someone at Stubhub emailed me to tell me that the buyer was unable to fill the order but to not worry because I was covered by the fan protect guarantee. Needless to say, Stubhub proceeded to offer me less than comparable substitute tickets, and when I told them that those weren't comparable there response was to refund my order and send me a $10 off coupon.

How can they get away with giving me $10 off, yet when the situation is reversed they bill me hundreds for replacements? I'm betting that they just keep the money for themselves.

Tell the seller that they are being charged.. give the buyer essentially a refund and pocket change and keep the lionshare.

to William #932902

Hate it for you


The same thing happened to me. I sold tickets.

Stubhub took my sales money and charged me $400 for 2 tickets. The buyer claims they were denied entry. Stubhub tells me to show scan record of the venue. I contacted the venue, and the venue refused to share scan record.

If you sell tickets on Stubhub, you should remember there is no protection for seller on Stubhub.

New York City, New York, United States #789739


We've all had bad ticket selling experiences, and many times we've even had to eat the cost of the tickets completely. Check out a brand new service www.lyteup.com so a hassle-free sale and get paid via PayPal the day after the event.

Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States #695336

Why in the world would any ticket broker post this information publicly? I understand you are pissed, but did you really want to teach other potential future customers how to scam you again?

to YouAre*** #1275274

Wow man...maybe he is trying to warn people who post their tickets on these websites about these scams. I just removed my tickets from a similar website (TickPick) after I read this.

The fact that such an obvious and easily doable loophole in their system exists is rather shocking.

I came across this post because it dawned upon me that this would be really easy to do so I started searching.

Security by obscurity never works. People should know you can get *** over really easily on these websites.


This is happening to me at the moment too. It is for a much smaller amount though.

There is an error in the process.

I've been a long time buyer and seller, this will small amount the case is over could make me reconsider using that site.

Cliffside Park, New Jersey, United States #624374

One, it could have been an honest mistake for the buyer such as a sleazy friend copied the tickets to sell or to get in to the show. I have even seen people walk up to a venue, realize they forgot something in the car, etc., take the tickets back from the person at the door not realizing the tickets had been scanned and then come back later and then not be able to get in.

Two, regardless, if someone did intentionally scam you for free tickets you just joined them as a sleazeball by telling the world how to operate this scam. Shame on you.



Your sytem has already failed me. While wasting a whole evening on the phone for a company i have made thousands of dollars for in my fees, i was told this step and failed. What is stopping every customer from going to a show, and stepping out between bands to scan their tickets at the gate again to prove they were scanned twice.

I understand you are a business and your buyers are your number 1 priority, but the lack of care for a user was insane. I would of kept my business had stub hub said "I know this sucks to have to pay above and beyond the tickets that i sold, but here's $50 in free service fees for your next sale. Shows i am valued, and makes me want to return my business to your site.

Not only was i on the line to reimburse the ticket money back (i understand that),Stubhub bought them new tickets on my credit card from their site and didn't tell me until i went to use my card and saw a extra $200 missing. That is what pissed me off, not knowing this happened. No email was sent, and the customer service member i was working with didnt respond to emails or phone calls from me for 3 days.

Good grief.

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