I bought tickets to a Fall Out Boy concert in New Jersey, and I was super excited because they are my favorite band and helped me through so much.I had FOB clothes, makeup, and listened to FOB the whole ride there, probably the happiest I'd been in a while.

Then, when I got there and i gave the lady my ticket to scan... it wouldn't go through. I already started to panic as to this was my first time at a concert. I was told to go to a help station thing where the guy checked my ticket.

He said it was already in use and I was basically scammed...?! $200+ worth of tickets wasted, and I was crying like a baby. I was so sad! When I walked back to my car and called Stubhub immediately and they said they couldn't do anything about it, and that made me even sadder because I thought I'd never see them and hoped this was all a nightmare that played with me too much.

But it wasn't. Luckily, my mom was sincere enough to buy me tickets to a different Fall Out Boy concert in New York because she saw how depressed I was, this time using Ticket Master. And, I got in!

Best night of my life, I cried tears of joy (in the video)...But stubhub is horrid.I wouldn't recommend them at all, I'm actually never going to buy from them again, too much of a risk

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of stubhub concert ticket. StubHub needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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You sound like a child, how on earth were you even capable to use the site?They're a third party website, they don't own any of their tickets.

You took the risk of purchasing a RESOLD ticket.Just like you take the risk of buying something on eBay and get scammed, you blame the SELLER not EBAY because it was the SELLER who screwed you.

to Anonymous #1122740

What are you talking about?StubHub explicitly states on their website they offer a "FanProtect Guarantee" to ensure EXACTLY this sort of thing won't happen to buyers.

Maybe this person is young - why should that matter if s/he was provided a "guarantee" by StubHub and was ripped off by StubHub refused to honour it? The only "risk" he took is that a multi-billion dollar company would break its commitment to consumers, and sadly it did precisely that. Do you work for StubHub or are you just a miserable human being?

Either way, shame on you, and sorry to hear about your situation kid.It's far from uncommon with StunHub but that doesn't make it OK.

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