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On 9/14/2012 I purchased 5 Orchestra seats in Row 13 for The Long Island Medium: Theresa Caputo at Long Beach Terrace Theater, Long Beach, CA on Wed, 11/07/2012, 8:00 p.m. I paid $139 for each ticket. I received a confirmation email with an order # and my credit card was charged $776.45 including processing fees and delivery charges.

Now for the good part! Seven days later I received this email:

Thank you for buying your tickets through StubHub.

I sincerely apologize that the original tickets you ordered are unavailable. We would like to provide replacement tickets at no additional cost to you. Sets of five tickets are scarce to say the least so we would love to hear from you as soon as possible.

Please call us at 1.866.STUBHUB (1.866.788.2482).

Thanks for choosing StubHub. We look forward to hearing from you.



StubHub Customer Service

I called and was informed that they couldn't replace my tickets.ORCH He wouldn't say why exactly but it was obvious to me - tickets in Row 14 were now going for $589 each!! The seller must have decided to re-sell them. He would only offer to refund my credit card and give me $100 credit with StubHub. After going round and round and getting NOWHERE, I asked to speak with his supervisor. He said that he wasn't available but would call me back within 48 hours. At this point I was stuck because I couldn't afford to replace my seats. All seats prices had sky rocketed. I was kicking myself because at the time I purchased these tickets I could have got tickets through the theater for about $80 each a few rows back but I was willing to pay more thru StubHub for the slightly better seats. I was sick. My friends had entrusted me to get the tickets and now we had none!

I wasn't confident that a supervisor would call me back in 48 hours. In fact I think that is too long to have to wait. So I asked a favor of a friend who is in the business - he made some phone calls. Long story short I eventually got a call. The best he would offer me were seats in the LODGE section! Not even close to the quality of seats I had originally purchased!! At this point I was stuck - I either accepted these seats or we didn't get to go. I made a deal with the devil. They sold me these seats in the LODGE section for the same price I paid for my original seats in the ORCHESTRA section plus they refunded $130.

I want others to know that this CAN happen. I had no idea that STUBHUB would allow sellers to pull tickets they've sold you. It is NOT a safe place to buy tickets. The StubHub FanProtect Guarantee does NOT protect the buyer. Who are they kidding? They are in business with their sellers!

Monetary Loss: $2945.

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Sparta, Georgia, United States #1186138

I brought tickets to the Auburn and Georgia Bulldogs football game 11/12/16 on July 12 for $66.31 each (2) tickets for section 106 row and (2) tickets section 106 row 2 same price.I received email confirmation that I would receive my tickets 8/29/16 and money taking out of my account on two received two notifications that the seller canceled my order because the tickets were selling for a higher price.

The tickets have already been reposted for $290.00 each. Wow. I'm beyond speechless.

Past 48hrs from July 12th to July 16th notify.Guye Akins


I had the exact same issue happen to me just today.

I purchased tickets one week ago for an event that takes place tomorrow. I was informed that my order is canceled because the seller found other seats in the same area selling at a higher value.

How is this even legal? How can a seller decide *after tickets are SOLD* to change their mind and say, "Nah, I was just kidding." WTF?!

Atlanta, Texas, United States #624367

Unfortunately it is a loophole in the StubHub system.Sellers have 48 hours to decline an order and the tickets may have sold elsewhere or, yes, prices may have popped and the seller decided not to honor the deal.

Greedy and sleazy, yes, but it happens.

Bottom line, StubHub will bend over backwards to get you the seats you ordered or better but they can not always make that happen.Keep in mind, its a marketplace or buyers and sellers, StubHub does not own the tickets.

Sorry it did not work out for you but in general StubHub does about as well as any company I know to keep their customers happy.

Dallas, Texas, United States #624226

The seller busted the order. There's nothing stubhub can do except not allow that seller to sell on the site in the future. They can't give away free money because a third party seller screwed up.

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